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Erica St. James’ style is casually sophisticated. She is a true style chameleon dressing for her different moods. Her polished, refined taste includes one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that complete a look that goes all the way down to her toes which could be fit comfortably into a pair of smooth leather ballet flats or black motorcycle boots.

This is the everyday look for Erica, a mother of two, who in 30 minutes can style herself Winter Park Florida-casually elegant. With one swoop of her shoulder-length blond hair that she twists into a bun and tops with her Ray-Bans, Erica’s ready for a day out shooting her favorite fashion finds.

Erica’s passion for style and the just right wardrobe began as a form of self-expression after having to wear a private school uniform all day.

“I would think about what I was going to wear on the weekends and when I wasn’t in school,” Erica said. “I wrote down what I could wear with what and I loved going to events. I planned what I was going to wear and it was a big deal to me.”

Her foray into everything clothing began with finding her way around the daily school restrictions that prevented her personalized style. Erica remembers a specific pair of leather short boots that she just loved and when asked “are you sure you want to wear that?” by her father, hopped out of the vehicle and walked into school making her very first fashion statement.

Unlike many women who are forever searching for the right pieces and confused about what to wear and for what occasion, Erica is never shy about trying something new.

“I don’t wear every trend,” she said. “Not every trend is going to work for your body type or your personal style!”

Erica’s critical look at fashion is a daily compulsion as she pores over magazines, blogs, catalogues, visits stores–Bloomingdales is her favorite–for special pieces tailored to the looks she envisions for her clients.

She does what many cannot: select the right pieces and pair and match and embrace fashion trends without going over the top to make a personal style statement for herself and for others.

Part of Erica’s unique ability to pair clothing, shoes and accessories is her instinct for creating a woman’s look with style that complements her life, her age and her body type.

Fashion blogger and stylist Erica St. James is a Florida State University Fashion Merchandising graduate who received her fashion training in stores and with brands and designers from Winter Park, to New York, Paris and London.

She began with an internship in Paris and London where she learned season forecasting from the buying team at Harrods. She was taught fashion merchandising from designers and retailers including Cecile Henri, Printemps, and Debenham’s. At BCBG Max Azria New York she worked sales appointments with national retailers and private boutiques and organized spreads for Vogue, Elle and Seventeen.

In Winter Park and in Charleston Erica worked with Banana Republic. And with
J. McLaughlin in Winter Park and its corporate headquarters in New York, Erica was a merchandise planner selecting the retail buys.

Erica’s fashion and style knowledge was shaped by the education and exposure to designers in Paris, London and New York. Studying the industry and watching trends take hold or fail, Erica learned forecasting fashion as an art that is constantly refined. By watching, trying and sharing creative style with followers, Erica’s fashion sense constantly evolves. Years of learning and studying fashion history and future provide a keen sense for what will last and what is fleeting.